An American Period General Store Featuring
European Imports and Highlighting Local Merchants

RUST General Store is an 1860s inspired general store located within the Old Town San Diego, State Historic Park.  The products are meant to reflect the history and culture of people living in, and the places trading with San Diego during the American/Transitional time period from 1846-1872.

RUST opened its doors in July 2011 and will continue to expand the interesting and unique product lines to highlight the influence of Northern European travelers, traders, and residents that found their way to what would eventually become “America’s Finest City,” San Diego, California.  RUST will also seek to offer products from Peru, Hawaii, the Philippines, and other ports of trade to reflect the places early San Diego pioneers traded with.

It is our goal to reproduce an ambiance and shopping experience that is appropriate for the historical time period in San Diego, while maintaining a stock of products that are both interesting and useful for our 21st Century visitors.